Makeup brushes are easily cleaned and sanitized...

Improving makeup application while avoiding nasty

skin breakouts and infections all while extending

the life of your brushes.

The Professional Makeup Brush Cleaning System

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The details... The features and benefits of QBC are easy to see?


Queen B Clean is the first of its kind complete brush care system. Finally, hands free, automatic system that cleans, rinses, dries and sanitizes your brushes.


* Fast, efficient hands free system

* Clean multiple brushes at the same time

* Deep clean, rinse, sanitize and dry in minutes

* Professional quality

* Sanitizing drawer with UV-C light for keeping

   your brushes bacteria free after and between

   cleaning. In addition to disinfecting makeup

   brushes and makeup, the drawer can be used

   to sanitize all  your personal items, cell phones,

   jewelry, baby pacifiers and anything you can fit

   in the drawer can be disinfected n minutes.

* Cleans large, medium and small brushes

A complete make-up brush cleaning and sanitizing system.


Years in design and development, we are getting ready to go into volume production of our patented flagship product...

The Queen B Clean™.


Created by inventor Ray Lewis and a team of foreward thinking designers and engineers, the Queen B Clean´™ will be worth the wait.


While there are several products available, none offer a safe, easy, complete solution like the QBC...  We hope you will be as excited as we are! Please register with us and follow our progress to the finish line while receiving valuable offers to purchase your own Queen B. Clean™ system.

Why a clean, bacteria free makeup brush really matters?


Bacteria in your beauty bag. The 6 types of bacteria found lurking in beauty products:


Enterococcus faecalis – one of the main causes of the meningtitis infection.


Eubacterium – which causes bacterial vaginosis.


Aeromonas – one of the causes of gastroenteritis and wound infections.


Staphlyoccocus epidermidis – a nasty bug which is resistant to antibiotics and is deadly for people in hospital or who have catheters or surgical implants.


Propionibacterium - one of the main causes of acne and other skin conditions.


Enterobacter – causes urinary and respiratory tract infections, mainly in hospitalised patients with compromised immune systems.

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